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This 100% free tactics newsletter contains paintball secrets, tactical gems, techniques and tips that are guaranteed to make you a better paintball player. How would you feel being able to show up to your field and have the regulars think "I hope he's on my team"? Being an elite Paintball Warrior is about continually striving to improve your game and your play ability. Everyone has something to teach you and this tactics newsletter is a great resource to add to your arsenal of tricks, tips and tactics. From individual "micro-skills" to more grand coordinated fire-team tactics you can use to leave your opponents decimated and shaking their heads. Learn things like:

  • How a simple change in mindset will double your ability to win games.
  • What kind of gear you should spend your money on - and what not to.
  • The 3 keys to Victory for new players
  • the 5 elements of Camouflage and which ones you should be concerned with in paintball.
  • Real military techniques for detecting camouflaged enemies before they have a chance to ambush you.
  • A simple and easy technique that will instantly reduce the number of times you are eliminated during the day by up to 20%!

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How important is the skill of shooting "off handed" in woodsball?
not at all important
only slightly important
moderately important
critically important
cerain death if not known
Total votes: 46