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"The Cold War, Korean Conflict" - paintball scenario report

Paintball Scenario | Cold War, Korean ConflictA fitting name for a paintball scenario played on a cold winter day: "Cold War Korean Conflict".

The temperature hovered between 2 and 6 degrees Celcius, and we had every type of weather mother nature makes - including heavy rain, sleet, snow, strong winds and then, suddenly, in the afternoon, the clouds cleared and we had sunshine for an hour or two. Weird.

This was the first in a three part scenario season at Tsawwassen Paintball Games. And about 280 players braved the weather and played a wicked hard day of paintball...

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How important is the skill of shooting "off handed" in woodsball?
not at all important
only slightly important
moderately important
critically important
cerain death if not known
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